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Dear Friends and Beer Lovers,
The Japan Craft Beer Association wishes to express its deepest condolences to victims and people affected by the earthquake that hit Tohoku and Kanto regions of Japan.
JCBA has received many thoughtful inquiries about the safety of breweries, beer pubs, distributors and bear tasters from their counterparts in Japan and overseas. In addition, brewers and beer lovers have expressed hearty support for the disaster victims in many ways.
In order to respond to a show of good faith from our friends in and out of Japan and to meet our social responsibilities, we have decided to raise donations in the following manner. The goodwill money will be donated directly to prefectural governments, city and town offices in the disaster regions.
It is because we strongly believe what fuels the growth of rich beer culture lies in the healthy community that provides backbone to the livelihood of brewers and beer lovers. The restoration process is expected to be on the order of decades. Without restoration of the living sphere of those people, how can the craft beer industry restore?
We sincerely appreciate your understanding to our request and kind support for our cause.
Thank you and warmest regards.
Ryouji Oda, President Japan Craft Beer Association
[Donation Details]
● Bank Account to transfer your donations:
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT
Bank Name: Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ, Ltd.
Branch Name: Ashiya Branch (Branch Code 483)
Account Number: 0053751 (Ordinary Account)
Account Name: JCBA Donation Account
● Donation Period:
March 23 to October 31, 2011
● Donation Receivers:
Prefecture governments, city and town offices in disaster regions. The exact receivers will be informed by further webpage updates.
● Acknowledgment of Donators
Your names will be listed in JCBA webpage upon your request. Please communicate your name and/or the amount of money donated to the following email address:
contribution \\ (please replace \\ with @ and remove space characters before and after the sign.)
● Balance Report
At the end of the donation period, receivers and the amount donated will be posted on JCBA webpage.
● For further inquiries, please contact: Japan Craft Beer Association
contribution \\ (please replace \\ with @ and remove space characters before and after the sign.)

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